About us

Valpeltro is a workshop situated near Lograto, Brescia, which in 1973 started working in pewter. It made accurate reproductions of original articles, bringing together various European stiles together with Italian design imagination.
Valpeltro was founded from the passion and expertise of Vincenzo Lorenzo Artale owner of Valpeltro, for 40 years one of the leading enterprises in the world of pewter manufacture.

Today Valpeltro is a company which, although it retains its craftsmanship roots, has also been able to build bridges to distant markets throughout the world.Valpeltro also has the honor of having supplied very special articles to furnish prestigious celebrity houses from the world of fashion and to have supplied props for successful films.

Valpeltro has exhibited its production for over 25 years in the most important specialized trade fairs both in Italy and abroad.

Some information about the product

Pewter is an alloy made of 95% tin, 3% copper and 2% antimony. Valpeltro can give complete health and safety guarantee for the use of its production for the use with food products. The purity of the metal guarantees the unchanging nature of the metal which does not oxidize. Furthermore, Valpeltro guarantees that all its production conforms to UE EN – 611/1 health and safety regulation. Any small irregularities or imperfections in the articles are due to the craft nature of the products still produced in the traditional manner and old techniques.

Valpeltro is proud to present an interesting collection of cutlery and flatware produced in pewter and 18/10 stainless steel, which is absolutely guaranteed for its safe use with food.
Furthermore, we can guarantee that the cutlery can be washed in a dish washer at temperatures no hotter than 30°C together with non-aggressive dishwasher detergents.
To maintain pewter articles, we advice using the same cleaning techniques and products as used for silver.

Valpeltro would like to thank you and hopes you can find that special articles which will awake your emotion from the vast range of elegant but rustic articles we produce.